The home of Leeds United.

“This is a lovely old stadium where you can see a lot of the history that’s taken place there. It’s unique because of this as they have combined modern architecture with their historical stadium.” Niall 

Fun Fact: It’s always been the home of Leeds United, but Elland Road wasn’t always known as that. In its very early days, it was known as The Old Peacock Ground, because of the pub which faced the stadium. It remained as that until 1899, when the opening of a new stand saw the ground rechristened as it’s known today.

A perfect present for any Leeds fan.


This print comes unframed. 

These posters are created from quality materials. The museum-grade paper ensures that any design won't corrode with time. The pigment inks used to represent various colours are bright and intense. These posters are hangable with double-sided tape, tacks, or via framing.

.: 200gsm fine art paper
.: For indoor use
.: Multiple sizes (20”x16” = 50x40cm / 14”x11” = 36x26cm approx)