Niall Guite is a Special Olympics GB Athlete who has turned an obstacle into an opportunity with his beautiful drawings of sports stadiums to raise money for Special Olympics GB.

Photo of Niall Guite smiling to the camera. Niall is sat down in front of a coloured background
Niall is sat down drawing a football stadium on an easel.

Unique illustrations.
A powerful cause.

At the beginning of the first lockdown, the amazing athletes of Special Olympics GB embarked on the 2.6 challenge

As a talented artist, Niall decided to draw his favourite stadiums from around the world. What started as a challenge to draw 26 soon snowballed. Niall has now illustrated over 100 stadiums and picked up some very famous fans – including Grayson Perry and Rodri, the Manchester City midfielder. 

Niall is now selling his artwork to help raise more money for Special Olympics GB, a charity helping people with intellectual disabilities achieve the incredible. As a Special Olympics World Games gold medallist, he knows their work first hand.

Close up image of Niall drawing a football stadium. Niall is using a red pen in his right hand to draw the stadium.

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A percentage of profits go to Special Olympics GB. Helping people with intellectual disabilities achieve the incredible.

Close up photo of draws in Nialls bedroom show football memorabilia, including Stoke and Bradford 'Home dressing room' signs
Two hand drawn football stadium drawings sit next to two gardening tools against a wall

Niall has three major passions: sport, art and helping people. His unique illustrations bring them all together.

Over the years, Niall has overcome many of the challenges his autism presents. However, while never lacking in enthusiasm, he sometimes struggled with communicating – and this knocked his confidence.

With the support of Special Olympics GB, Niall has flourished. Growing in self belief, he now boasts an enviable collection of medals!

Now Niall wants to give back. And you can help. By picking up an illustration of your favourite stadium, you can support the awesome work Special Olympics GB do to support the leadership and entrepreneurial skills of their incredible athletes.

"Niall produces beautiful drawings of sports stadiums - please support him"

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