The home of FC Bayern Munich. 

“Colour  plays a crucial role in representing the unique identity of each stadium and which other team they are playing against.”

Fun Fact: The Bavarian goalkeeper was captain of the German team during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil and became one of the twenty-three Bayern Munich players crowned world champions.

This is part of a special collection of German Football stadiums I drew to celebrate the Special Olympics World Games being held in Berlin in June 2023.

A perfect present for any FC Bayern Munich fan.

This print comes unframed. 

These posters are created from quality materials. The museum-grade paper ensures that any design won't corrode with time. The pigment inks used to represent various colours are bright and intense. These posters are hangable with double-sided tape, tacks, or via framing.

.: 200gsm fine art paper
.: For indoor use
.: Multiple sizes (20”x16” = 50x40cm / 14”x11” = 36x26cm approx)